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How To Drive in a Funeral Procession

When traveling from the funeral home to the burial site, close family and friends often journey in a funeral procession. While that can mean that they’re in limousines for the duration of their trip, sometimes they drive themselves, as well as others who were close to the decedent. But driving in a funeral procession i...READ MORE


Why Do People Pull Over for Funeral Processions?

When you see a funeral procession, what should you do as another driver on the road? Since funeral processions have gone from an on-foot endeavor to a parade of motorized vehicles, other drivers have adopted the tradition of pulling over and letting the procession pass unimpeded. But more recently, we’ve been seeing th...READ MORE


Preparing for a Funeral: Clothing and Accessories

When you plan a funeral, what kinds of clothes and accessories should you give to your funeral director to dress your loved one? Although you might have a picture of what someone is supposed to look like at their funeral, any person’s funeral is specific to them. As such, there’s no specific rule that states what kind...READ MORE


Can my spouse change my funeral plan when I die?

More than half of all funerals are arranged in advance. The practice of advance planning alleviates the burden of family members having to guess or remember what their loved one wanted in a funeral service. It is a much-appreciated gift....READ MORE


What will happen to my funeral plan if there is no body to bury or cremate?

While possible, it is truly rare for a death to occur and for there to be no body to care for. Still, this is a frequently asked question. Final disposition of the body, usually burial or cremation, is a part of what we humans do when a life ends. But it is not all we do. It is also not all we can do....READ MORE

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